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    Freemasons often sound like ruffians, “woe woe woe is me”. You concern yourselves over the lack of new petitions, yet continue to do business as usual. How can you expect a new candidate to put their heart and soul into Masonry if your Lodge does not? It reminds me of the old saying “You get what you pay for”.

    I’ve examined the various events many Lodges host throughout the year. Some include bestowing awards, giving bikes to children, hosting luncheons for wives, handing out scholarships to students but what about your Lodge members? All of those things are very important, but nurturing the Brotherhood should take precedence over everything. Even though Freemasonry embraces charitable acts, you are not a charity. Is it possible that you’ve become so transfixed on the outside that you’ve neglected the Brotherhood within?

    What does your Lodge offer to their members? Have they taken our ancient rituals and ruled them as insignificant? Are there Brothers who know the work inside and out, yet fail to support those who don’t? Do they refuse to practice degree work because outsourcing to others is more convenient? Do they initiate new members, yet fail to support them? In order to attract good men to Masonry, you have to practice it! Time after time I hear of Brothers who’ve reached the sublime degree of a Master Mason, only never to return. Is it their fault or yours? There’s no need to spend money on yearly dues and attend Lodge meetings if all you offer is a place to eat and pay bills. They can do that at home.

    Sometimes you have to think outside the box. The most important thing is to bring the Craft BACK into your Lodge. Does your Lodge host a practice night? If not, start one. It only takes a spark to light a fire. Contact your District Instructor and ask for his assistance. Most are willing to help if they know you’re trying to bring about change. Visit other Lodges and encourage them to participate. Now, what do you offer for your Lodge members? While the Craft and Rituals are of the upmost importance, so is Brotherly love. Have a cookout at the Lodge for no reason other than fellowship. Maybe host a family day at the Lodge, game night, etc. Brothers, the possibilities are endless. Many of you have great ideas, but are afraid to break outside the box. I say GO FOR IT! You have NOTHING to loose.
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    Great inspiration B/Blake.
    More lodges should try for the VanGuard award. talk about lodge work
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    Brilliant! Many times if something seems cool to you, you can find someone else in lodge who does to. When I think of my Lodge and what it was when I found it I am reminded that I was alone. But, not for long. We started something. And soon more came and then others. And we didn't do anything that was really wild and crazy. Point being, don't be afraid to try, there is nothing to loose and everything to gain.
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    very nice

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