"Thinking and Destiny" by Harold W. Percival

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    I have been studying Harold Percival's book for a couple of years now. He had quite a unique dialogue on what the true purpose of Free Masonry really is. I am fascinated by his explanation of "re-building the temple which was destroyed". Anyone out there who can give any concurrance to Percival's amazing views?
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    I have just had a quick flick through Thinking and Destiny. It was certainly an advanced book for its time, dealing with the science of mind, and the nature of local reality in its more obvious impacts on humans.

    The human race has moved on quite a bit since then. For example the human race, in the 1990s agreed to group responsibility for the planetary ecosystem. More recently the human race has put its attention to the development of discrimination on the mental plane, for example in learning to detect fake news.
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