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    The most memorable story I have so far is from when I worked at an all night emergency veterinary clinic. I had an older couple come in one night with their dog. I can't recall the actual issue but it was fairly mild as we were sending the dog home. It was out method of accepting payment at the time to present a bill, then take the credit card to the office and run the card. The office happened to be in the back of the clinic where clients did not regularly go. When I presented the bill and took the card the wife stopped me and said she was uncomfortable having her card ran where she could not see it. At that moment the husband grabbed my hand and showed her my Masonic ring and proceeded to tell her " Do you see that symbol (the S&C)? That means you can trust him with whatever you give him." That made an impression on me I will never forget, and reminds me to always strive to a higher ideal. I did not know the man beforehand and, to my knowledge, have not seen him since but I am reminded to always present myself in public as I would want the craft to be seen.
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    What a great story. It's things like this that make you strive to be the best that you can be at all times, most especially when wearing the S&C. It is really heartening to know that there are people that think of us this way.
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    This was a very touching story.
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    Sure is. It is a reminder to me that when in public, or private for that matter, that I am not just representing myself but something far bigger and greater than myself.
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    Wow!!! Goosebumps, dude. Amazing story.

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