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  1. eagle1966

    eagle1966 Guest

    how long does FC have to learn his work? is ti still 1 yr or has it been shorten to 90 days?
  2. Benton

    Benton Premium Member

    The same amount as an EA, a year. It's the Master mason who has 90 days. If one goes over the time limit, one must petition for advancement after turning in their work. (Someone correct me on the details if I'm wrong.)
  3. lopezgj

    lopezgj G. Lopez, PM Premium Member

    I concur.
  4. eagle1966

    eagle1966 Guest

    where do yu find this in law book? article? come on some of you scholars help me out
  5. Bill Lins

    Bill Lins Moderating Staff Staff Member

    Art 430. Degree Not Conferred One Year After Election.
    After twelve months have elapsed since the election of a petitioner to receive the degrees and no degree has been conferred or twelve months have elapsed since an Entered Apprentice or a Fellowcraft has received such degree, his election to receive the degrees or the failure of the Entered Apprentice or Fellowcraft to receive the next degree, shall become null and void, and a new petition shall be required which shall be governed by all the rules and follow all the procedures prescribed for an original petition for the degrees.
  6. rhitland

    rhitland Founding Member Premium Member

    I am curious about the master's time limit because it is silent about that? Isn't there another article dealing with a MM who does not perform his proficeny and A.L.L. program in 90 days?
  7. David Duke

    David Duke Premium Member

    A brother has 90 days after being raised to complete the ALL program AND be found proficient in his esotoric Masters work. See below.

    Title IV – Chapter 4 435-439
    [FONT=NewCenturySchlbk,NewCenturySchlbk][FONT=NewCenturySchlbk,NewCenturySchlbk][FONT=NewCenturySchlbk,NewCenturySchlbk]Art. 439. (476). [/FONT][/FONT][/FONT]Examination in Master’s Degree.
    [FONT=NewCenturySchlbk,NewCenturySchlbk][FONT=NewCenturySchlbk,NewCenturySchlbk][FONT=NewCenturySchlbk,NewCenturySchlbk]1. Within ninety days after he is raised, a Brother shall have heard the fourth portion of The Lodge System of Candidate Information, shall have received all four booklets which comprise the System, be certified as having completed a Grand Lodge approved course in Masonic Information under the supervision of the Committee on Masonic Education and Service, and shall have been examined in open Lodge and voted as proficient in the entire trial lecture of the Master’s Degree. [/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][FONT=NewCenturySchlbk,NewCenturySchlbk][FONT=NewCenturySchlbk,NewCenturySchlbk][FONT=NewCenturySchlbk,NewCenturySchlbk](Revised 1996) [/FONT][/FONT][/FONT]It shall [FONT=NewCenturySchlbk,NewCenturySchlbk][FONT=NewCenturySchlbk,NewCenturySchlbk][FONT=NewCenturySchlbk,NewCenturySchlbk]be the duty of the officers of the Lodge to see that this is done. Any Brother who, after receiving the Master’s Degree, willfully neglects or refuses to present himself and be examined as to his [/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][FONT=NewCenturySchlbk,NewCenturySchlbk][FONT=NewCenturySchlbk,NewCenturySchlbk][FONT=NewCenturySchlbk,NewCenturySchlbk]proficiency in such degree, within ninety days thereafter, unless further time is granted him by the Lodge shall be subject to automatic suspension as provided hereinafter; absence from the State, natural infirmities or unavoidable accident alone excusing him.[/FONT]

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