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    In 1982, I married a girl who's father was a freemason and a Shriner. He drove a tin lizzy in the parades. I thought that was cool but the hats were corny. He invited us to many Shrine events from spring to fall, at least two a month. I was invited to his installation as Master of New Braunfels Lodge but could not get off of work at the time. His daughter and I divorced in 1989 but have remained good friends. I had stayed in touch with him on occasion and then through emails. When a job opportunity brought me to Waco, TX around 2000, I decided that joining a lodge would be a great way to meet some local people. At the time my ex- father in law was Potentate for the Alzafar Shrine in San Antonio. He was unable to come to my raising because of some Shine travel commitments but he really wanted to come. Two years ago he passed away but I know he would have come to my installation. He was very proud that I chose to join the craft. Several years after I became a Master Mason I finally realized that all those times he invited me and his daughter to these events he was actually asking me to join.
    Needless to say I no longer think the hats are corny knowing what they represent.
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    Very nice story Brother.
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    That is a great story.

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