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    “Why wear the apron?†the young mason said,
    As the mourners so silently bowed every head.

    The prayer was perfection,-ceremony profound,
    Not one single person uttered a sound.
    The minister spoke, all telling with love,
    That our brother had passed to the lodge up above.
    That his life here below was not easy for sure
    And many the sorrow he’d had to endure.

    This man dedicated to helping his race,
    Unconscious of background or color of face.
    With a life dedicated to sharing of time
    While supporting a friend with a comforting rhyme.
    Who brought out in others the “best†of the best,
    Without criticizing, or putting to test.
    That the life he had lived, as a mason and friend,
    Was a lifetime of sharing, right up to the end.

    The lambskin was placed with all loving care

    A release from the labour on earth he did bear
    The evergreen sprig shows the faith we all hold
    That the Soul is immortal and none can control
    It’s reign o’er the grave, so that death has no power

    For ever and ever or even this hour.

    We commit to the ground, these earthly remains
    And cherish the memory, suffer the pains.
    While we trust his spirit to God who did give it
    This was his life and the way he did live it.

    And so we account for our time here on earth

    That our tasks ever after may be of Thy worth.
    Now go with the Father in his gracious keeping,
    And leave him to be, our brother-just sleeping.
    So you see there’s a reason that all men are born
    That’s the reason I guess that the apron is worn.​

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