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    OK ...lets get this going ....please add any tips you may have....

    1. Read your recipe first, select utensils needed, grease pans if
    necessary, measure ingredients. Then mix and cook.

    2. In baking, divide dry ingredients in three parts and liquids in
    two parts. Add first, 1/3 dry, ½ liquid, 1/3 dry, ½ liquid and lastly,
    1/3 dry.

    3. Never use two spoons when you can just as easily rinse and
    use the same one and save washing dishes in the end.

    4. Measure dry ingredients before liquid ingredients so the same
    utensil may be used.

    5. If milk and eggs are called for, use the milk to rinse out bowl
    in which the eggs were beaten.

    6. Always sift flour before measuring.

    7. Always pour eggs slowly into hot mixtures stirring constantly
    to prevent the sudden cooking of the egg.

    8. In combining dry and liquid ingredients it prevents lumps to
    add the liquid slowly to the dry, stirring constantly.
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    Looks like the kitchen will be well guarded this year Brother!! Thank you for the tips!

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