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    I’ve met with the worshipful master of the nearest lodge to me and had a great conversation. He informed me of the process necessary to become a mason and that for the next few months I should show up at the lodge and start getting to know the members. I very much want to become a mason and it will take a lot from me to show up and just start introducing myself to others. I am a big introverted type of person but realize that socializing is something that I need to do to better myself so I’m looking at it as working on my shortcomings. Just wanted to put this out there in case someone else was on the fence or in the same boat your not alone.

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    I think you should discuss what you perceive as your shortcomings with the Secretary, or WM, or other brothers of that Lodge. These initial chats or emails are not like job interviews, where many just show their good side and hide the rest to the best of their capacity.
    Be candid about your doubts whether you would be a good fit for that specific Lodge. In my case, I had a long list of what I perceived as shortcomings to discuss. Regarding being an introvert, I was comforted to know that I was not expected to become an extrovert glitterati and in fact I was in good company with other brothers who do not share an enthusiasm for social events to sparkle and effervesce. So this matter was dealt with and wasn't festering on the back of mind any more.
    However different Lodges have a different character – some are more social, some are more intellectually inclined, some are engrossed in charity work, etc. Either you're a good fit, or you aren't. It's better to know earlier rather than later. And if you're not a good fit, you can start researching other Lodges in your area.
    I was also advised to take my time to ask questions and reflect on their answers. It took me about six months before I was ready to apply.
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    Thanks for your reply! Yeah the meeting I had with the wm the other day was one of the best conversations I’ve had in a long time if he is any indication as to what the other masons are like at the lodge I think I will fit right in. As far as my shortcomings being a “social butterfly” is just not my style but becoming more outgoing and conversational is something I’d like to work on so I guess this is my best opportunity to do just that. Thanks for your advice

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    When I was first introduced to Masonry, I too was an introvert. After meeting the brethren and spending a few months (4) with them I decided to petition the lodge. I had never felt more welcome by a group of people.
    As I was going through the degrees, it was apparent that I was not used to speaking in front of people. However, I was determined to push through my own feelings to make this happen. After I became a MM, I started going through the officers chairs and each one helped a little more to lose that introverted feeling. After the 2nd meeting in which I was WM, I really had no issues speaking in public, or so I thought. Then the Grand Master came for a visit and I was nervous all over again but it passed very quickly.
    You may surprise yourself, I know I did. Best of luck to you on your journey.
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    Just came back from my first visit to a lodge and I think it went well. It was the first meeting they have had for a few months because of the virus and most men were wearing masks. Some men would fiat bump and others asked to stay six feet I totally understood and didn’t take any offense. All in all they seemed to be down to earth and my kind of people. Feels like Im just meeting up with old family members I’ve never met. I think it will take me awhile longer to join than the five months or so that they usually require before petitioning, because of the virus. Not sure when the next time they will meet up is but until then I am still excited and look forward to getting to know them. Thanks for sharing with me. God bless

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  6. Warrior1256

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    Sounds like you're off to a good start. The best of luck to you. Please keep us informed of your progress.
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