Two Dogs Playing in the yard

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    I was looking out the widow watching two puppies play today. They rolled around in the grass gently biting each other and pulling each others ears for what seemed like hours. One of the dogs was brown in color while the other larger dog had a shiny black coat. What caught my attention was the fact that one of the dogs was on a chain and the other was not, but he still remained in the yard. Why did the unchained dog not run away and flee the yard? The only solution I could come up with was he understood that he was not chained, but didn't feel the need to leave the yard.

    I have often heard other worthy brothers say, “If it is with the reach of my cable tow, or Its not on my trestle board.â€

    We spend all of our time saying we cant do this or we don't have time for that. When we do this we limit ourselves as well as those whom we could be helping rather in distress or in some other form.
    We learn from the story about the dogs that when we break free from something we should not flee, but instead we should help others overcome that same opsticale. The only thing that we ask of those whom we help is that they help another in distress and teach a young person the same principles.

    In closing I want to ask you this, “Whose life have you touched today.â€

    Bro.Bruce Benjamin Jr
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    Great point Bro. Benjamin, just by replying to your thread I have touched yours and as well you mine.
    This a matter in which many of us have to look upon and make sure to reach out to another who is in need (who may not know it or does know it but is to prideful to reach out and let others know of it). I do my best and stretch my cable tow to all brothers and sistars, who maybe in need whether i know them personally or not if I can do so without harm to myself or my family. If Im not mistaken didnt everyone have to take such a Ob. However I have met a few in the past who should go back thru that obligation again and again until they get the meaning and not just know how to read it or repeat it but understand it to the fullest.
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    that is the truth bro whalon it is a powerful message
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    I'm in complete agreement with this. There are by far too many obligation repeaters out there and not enough of those who live up to the obligation. It's not just something that was learned because it had to be learned, it's the foundation.
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    Very nice!!

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