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  1. JTM

    JTM "Just in case" Premium Member

    These two programs allow you to talk online via VoIP. It's slightly more complicated than the programs (vonage, etc) that are out there (2 steps?), but I have several servers we could log onto for discussion.

    Is it possible that we could have a weekly or bi-weekly discussion about masonry there? We could definitely test people (find so to be) via voice... to my satisfaction anyway.

    I'd love to have a master mason's discussion on there about more light in masonry. There are several people on here so far that I feel like I could talk to and bounce ideas off of and in turn, them teach me several things about masonry.

    Thoughts? Posted here because of those that are on these forums (Hobbies/Special Interests) might already use these programs.
  2. Blake Bowden

    Blake Bowden Administrator Staff Member

    That's a great idea, I use Vent all the time...good program.

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