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  1. Blake Bowden

    Blake Bowden Administrator Staff Member

    Which Lodges have you visited? Mines a short list but here it goes:

    Gonzales Lodge No. 30 (Gonzales, TX)
    Hardeman Lodge No. 179 (Luling, TX)
    Prairie Lee Lodge No. 114 (Fentress, TX)
    Hochiem Lodge No. 182 (Hochiem, TX) Cool Place
    Mina Lodge No. 1456 (Bastrop, TX)
    Fort Worth No. 148 (Fort Worth, TX) Amazing place
    Lytton Springs No. 487 (Dale, TX)
    Onion Creek No. 220 (Austin, TX)
    Hopkinsville (Waelder, TX)

    Not too bad considering I'm still a noob MM ;) Update your posts when you visit another Lodge.
  2. TCShelton

    TCShelton Founding Member Premium Member

    Nice thread, I'll have to look up some numbers to go with names.
  3. cmoreno85tx

    cmoreno85tx Registered User

    Alamo No. 44 (San Antonio, TX)
    Beeville No. 261 (Beeville, TX) (My home town, never new it was even there until after I became a Mason. Beautiful ceiling that I was told had been written about by Louis L'Amour in one of his novels)
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  4. Bro Mike

    Bro Mike Registered User

    I really like seeing other lodges in action. So I have been to

    Round Rock Lodge #227, where I am a member
    Norton Moses Lodge #336 in Leander
    Onion Creek Lodge #220 in Austin
    Burleson Lodge #649

    It is a pretty short list, but I was only raised in September, so give me some time.
  5. Joey

    Joey Co-Founder Staff Member

    Onion Creek #220
    Austin #12
    University #1190
    Mina #1456
    Hopkinsville #183
    Hardeman #179
    Hochheim #182
    Guadalupe #109
    Lytton Springs #487
  6. Wingnut

    Wingnut Premium Member

    by visited I assume you mean sat in lodge of... (see other post about Tag Texas :)
  7. david918

    david918 Premium Member

    I was raised in 1990 and had a job for 5yrs as a sales rep,covered most of the eastern half of Texas and instead of sitting in a bar or in my motel room I visited lodges.
    Dothan#466 Dothan Alabama
    Kinmundy#398 Kinmundy Illinois
    Justice#449 Lake Charles La
    Lake Charles#165 Lake Charles la
    Peace and Harmony#478 Sulpher La
    Vinton#364 Vinton La
    Moss Point#202 Moss Point Miss.
    Aransas Pass#1018 Aransas Pass tx
    Bay City#865 Bay City Tx
    Blessing#411 Blessing Tx
    Rio Grande#81 Brownsville Tx
    Buna#1095 Buna Tx
    Carthage#521 Carthage Tx
    Sam Samford#149 Center Tx
    Caledonia#68 Columbus Tx
    Oakwood#1444 Conroe Tx
    Corpus Christi#189 Corpus Christi tx
    Del Mar#1350 Corpus Christi Tx
    Independence#1337 Corpus Christi
    Oso Naval#1282 Corpus Christi Tx
    Sunset#1388 Corpus Christi Tx
    Donna#1136 Donna Tx
    Eagle Lake#366 Eagle lake Tx
    East Bernard#817 East Bernard Tx
    Hidalgo#1036 Edinburg Tx
    Edna#767 Edna Tx
    Pleasant Hill#380 Field's Store Tx
    Flatonia#436 Flatonia Tx
    Julian Field#908 Ft Worth Tx
    Harmony#6 Galveston Tx
    Ganado#1055 Ganado Tx
    Garrison#667 Garrison Tx
    Augusta#93 Grapeland tx
    Harlington#1132 Harlington Tx
    Cade-Rothwell#1151 Houston Tx
    East Houston#1299 Houston Tx
    Gray#329 Houston Tx
    Holland#1 Houston Tx
    Houston#1189 Houston Tx
    J.W.Chandler Daylight#1452 Houston Tx
    Melrose#1294 Houston Tx
    Park Place#1172 Houston Tx
    Reagan#1037 Houston Tx
    Ingleside#1361 Ingleside Tx
    La Porte#857 La Porte Tx
    Lufkin#669 Lufkin Tx
    Matagorda#7 Matagorda Tx
    McAllen#1110 McAllen Tx
    Nederland#1368 Nederland Tx
    New Braunfels#1109 New Braunfels Tx
    Palacios#990 Palacios Tx
    Pasadena#1155 Pasadena tx
    Port Author#1264 Port Author Tx
    Lavaca#36 Port Lavaca Tx
    Portland#1411 Portland Tx
    Rosenberg#881Rosenberg Tx
    Army#1105 San Antonio Tx
    Lonnie Irvin Daylight#1309 San Antonio Tx
    Prospect Hill#1247 San Antonio Tx
    San Juan#1173 San Juan Tx
    Victoria#40 Victoria Tx
    Weslaco#1212 Weslaco Tx
    Yoakum#662 Yoakum Tx
    Strict Observance#27 Stoney Creek Ontario Canada
    Jose Marti#90 Nvo Progreso Tamaulipas Mexico

    It's been fun
    David Broman
    Secy&Pm El Campo#918
    MC Wharton#621
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  8. JTM

    JTM "Just in case" Premium Member

    nice list, david.

    i've only been to 3. need to get out more.

    brazon union, bryan tx
    adam royder, wellborn tx
    mine: sull ross, college station tx.
  9. owls84

    owls84 Moderator Premium Member

    Well I belong to 2 so....
    Fort Worth 148 <----Parent Lodge
    Lake Worth 1410 <----- Member
    Oak Cliff 705 <------ Went to a Forum
    Waco 92 <----- Went to a Forum
    Richland Hills 1348 <----- Went to MSB
    Godley 882 <------ Helped in degrees
    Tabernacle 1195 <------ Helpes in degree

    I guess I have a long ways to go to compete with Brother David but its a start.
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  10. ravickery03

    ravickery03 Guest

    Ohhh! I'll Play

    Army Lodge #1105, San Antonio, TX <-- Mother Lodge
    Perfect Union #10, San Antonio, TX <-- Affiliated Member
    Randolph Lodge #1268, Schertz, TX
    Mesa Lodge #68 Santa Fe, NM (Watched the EA Degree)
    Mt Carmel Lodge #133 Warrenton, VA (Nice Small Town Lodge)
    Naval Lodge #4, Washington D.C. <--Won't Go Back
    Alexandria-Washington #22, Alexandria, VA <-- Saw FC & MM by far my favorite one to visit

    I didn't visit a lodge six months after I visited Naval Lodge #4, but that is another story. :)
  11. ravickery03

    ravickery03 Guest

    Yeah, I forgot that when they hold the annual meeting in the Alamo, you are sitting in Alamo Lodge.

    So add that one as well. :)
  12. rhitland

    rhitland Founding Member Premium Member

    Man I guess I shoulda kept track of where I have been, who am I kidding I am not even sure where I am going. Brother Blake is right to impress upon all of us to visist other Lodges especially rural ones, you always recieve Masters wages when you go. Kudos on the topic Brother Blake I wish I would take the time and think about the Lodges I visited but I do not see myself doing that.
    Brother Josh what about Panther City, Cooke-Peavey & Julian Field those should be at the top since you visit them every time you come to Lodge. lol
  13. owls84

    owls84 Moderator Premium Member

    Well Those too but I don't count them. I have never done anything in those lodges officially. With their officers and all. I could count them though just to pad the stats. Good thinking.
  14. Nate C.

    Nate C. Registered User

    Wow. I've been around some. Who can keep up?
  15. jonesvilletexas

    jonesvilletexas Premium Member

    Melrose No.1294 has a printed Pass Port book that you can inter the lodge you visit and have the officer’s sign and have the seceratary have the lodge seal stamped in it. They are $5.00 and can be ordered from the lodge secretary.
    Melrose LodgeNo.1294
    P.O. Box 16925
    Houston, Texas 77222-6925
  16. TCShelton

    TCShelton Founding Member Premium Member

    I need to get one of those...
  17. eagle1966

    eagle1966 Guest

    here's my list in west texas
    albany 482
    baird 522
    moran 563
    cross plains 627
    abilene 559
    hobah (abilene) 1394
    john sayles (abilene) 1408
    lawn 1230
    anson 575
    merkel 710
    eastland 467
    cisco 556
    and 1 in hill country
    kerrville 697
  18. david918

    david918 Premium Member

    Added another one to my list last night attended Morton lodge#72 in Richmond for a FC degree.Really neat Morton is one of only two lodges in the state that actually has a winding staircase for use in the degree.
  19. jonesvilletexas

    jonesvilletexas Premium Member

    Lodges I have visited.

    Lodges I have visited.

    1. Sul Ross 1300
    2. Brazos Union 129
    3. Norman 38 OK.
    4. Cedar Creek 300
    5. Grand Lodge, TX.
    6. Humble 979
    7. Sam B. Crawford 1418
    8. Aldine 1412
    9. Billy W. Tinsley Daylight 1458
    10. Cade-Rothwell 1151
    11. Garden Oaks 1306
    12. Holland 1
    13. Lindale Park 1347
    14. Lorenzo De Zavala 1397
    15. Melrose 1294
    16. Park Place 1172
    17. Reagan 1037
    18. Woodland 1157
    19. Galena Park 1290
    20. North Houston Moring 1360
    21. Oakwood 1444
    22. Mt Moriah 37
    23. Walter M. Pierson 1339
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  20. caeservi

    caeservi Registered User

    Eureka #371

    Ridglea #1341 (as an EA observing an EA degree)

    I have relatives in West Virginia and was going to visit lodges when I ever got the chance to go and see my family, but after seeing all the crap going on up there, I'll just not visit any lodges if I am ever up there, until something is permanantly decided.

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