Visiting. Masonic Lodge in San Jose, Costa Rica

Discussion in 'The Traveling Freemason' started by Gordon Berg, Jan 5, 2019.

  1. Gordon Berg

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    We are the owners of Nepenthe B&B-Resort in El Castillo over looking LakeArneal and the ARNEAL Volcano. We visit our Costa Rica business twice s a year for three months ( we are not citizens ) and are scheduling our next trip in March. When I am not at my home Lodge #206 - Modesto, CA I would like to become active in a local Lodge in San Jose, Costa Rica. Would appreciate any information regarding the meeting schedules and location of Lodges in San Jose and who to contact to confirm information for transforming membership. Contact Or
  2. Christopher Thompson

    Christopher Thompson Registered User

    Let me know if you find more info. I will be on a trip to Costa Rica April 5-11th.

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