Waco Chili Cookoff and Silent Auction!

Discussion in 'Upcoming Masonic Events' started by Robert Marshall, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. Robert Marshall

    Robert Marshall Secretary, Waco 92 Premium Member

    Waco Masonic Lodge #92 will be holding its annual Chili Cookoff with the addition of a silent auction...

    When: October 30th, 5:00 pm
    Where: Waco Masonic Lodge #92; 4324 Cobbs Drive

    The way this went last year, there were about 10 pots of chili. Sweet chili, hot chili, regular chili, you name it. All were very good and three judges ranked the top chilis. The top three cooks received awards (new pot, utensils, etc) and everyone left with full bellies. The silent auction this year will include a variety of items. See you there!
  2. Dave in Waco

    Dave in Waco Premium Member

    Tom was telling me about this the other day. I am going to try to make it.

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