Walter C. Otto 33rd Degree Memorial Spring Reunion - Austin Scottish Rite

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  1. Next Scottish Rite Reunion:
    Friday 13 March 6p - 9ish
    Saturday 14 March 7a - 2p (day abbreviated by GM conference at Austin SR)
    Friday 20 March 6p - 9ish
    Saturday 21 March 7a - 6p

    You get all 29 higher degrees of the Ecossais. About 10 conferred on a member of the class in play form (like a blue lodge degree) and the balance communicated with a slide show (kind of like a blue lodge degree lecture) with q & a to follow.

    The degree fee is $175 and includes dinner on Fridays and Breakfast & Lunch on Saturdays as well as certain trinkets as well as a copy of "A Bridge to Light"

    I highly recommend learning as much as possible about the degrees as possible before you go through the reunion. "A Bridge to Light" is probably the best thing to start with. For years we've been giving it out at the end of the reunion, we trying to institute a new program by which you get your copy when you turn in your petition & check. Anyone interested, please email me for a petition and I'll see what I can do to get you your copy of ABTL in advance.

    Also for advance reading, you may look around for Clausens Commentaries, Morals & Dogma, M&D for the 21st C., and I highly recommend the SR Ritual Monitor & Guide available through the SR Master Craftsman Program: In my humble opinion this is perhaps the best $35 dollars one can spend in Masonry.

    Again, please email me at: for a petition. There are already 20 or so signed up and only two stated meetings left to have your petition read (ASR meets on the first Wednesday of the month) so you need to act now if you want to catch this one.

    - spes mea in deo est -
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    I hear those guys do a knock out job ;)

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