Wanderers in Service to Humanity

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  1. Throughout history there has been a cadre of high raised souls who have chosen and received permission to incarnate into the earth at a particular time to assist mankind toward a particular direction. Of the Founding Fathers at least Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson were so-called Wanderers. These are subject to the same karmic and veiling laws, and still they come. There have been many such, great souls, as there is desire in the pleroma for a great success here on our little inclusion of a solar system. This according to the Law of One. The choice of the wanderer is complicated by the possibility that whatever state of evolution they are at in the spiritual realm is risked when in the body. The very real confusion that exists on the freewill plane can cause even the most dedicated soul to lose sight of original intent and end up mired in karma and lose during the incarnation or worse end up choosing the negative polarity and become captured by Belial​

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