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We lost a brother

brother josh

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Brothers it is with a heavy heart that I come to you as of Thursday at 1:30 am July 18 Zonton lodge 964 ,louisville kosair shrine lost one of the greatest brothers this brotherhood has ever known.SD Brother Billy Crider and his daughter we in a motorcycle wreck his daughter lived our brother did not. Brother to brother I'm asking that you keep his wife and daughter in your prayers I thank each of you

so mote it be
May the blind footsteps of the past serve as a guide for our future
Joshua Northcutt SW Zonton 964
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Gone from labor to refreshment. God bless his family and the brethren of the lodge that he served.


brother josh

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Thanx brothers for the response and prayers and I apologize he was serving as junior deacon and I'm serving as junior warden I was all kinds of crying when I typed that again thanx and may God bless you so mote it be

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