What can we do ? What should we do?

Discussion in 'General Freemasonry Discussion' started by Bloke, Aug 30, 2020.

  1. Bloke

    Bloke Premium Member

    Bro Glen posted a news story on Freemasons helping feed people during COVID-19.
    It is here https://www.myfreemasonry.com/threads/st-columba-lodge-inverness.31039/

    It has got me thinking about what we've been up to..... Some of my members have been helping on feeding the needy in the wider community and the lodge has come to their aid with some funds.. but they did not wait for a lodge motion to get passed or a committee to analyze and plan, they just reacted to an obvious need.

    COVID-19 is not a time for lodges to go into hibernation, it's a time for them to get moving. And this does not have to be done as a lodge, it can just be done as one, two or three brothers, and the two who did this at our lodge have suddenly found all behind them.

    Has anyone actually been doing tasks in this space, beyond keeping social connections in their lodges alive ?

    I always say Freemasonry is not a service organization and its not a charity, but benevolence and charity are core values in Freemasonry, has anyone been putting those values to work ?
  2. TheThumbPuppy

    TheThumbPuppy Registered User

    Not specifically during covid, but throughout my life.
    Not as a freemason (which is a recent thing), but as a neighbour, friend, colleague.
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  3. Elexir

    Elexir Registered User

    I will no doubt be seen as controversial but Im on the other fence.

    Had this been a natrual disaster masons should without a doubt help but in a situation where people are losing their jobs by the thousends, where people have taken paycuts for months to make sure their employer can remain afloat. Where we have no idea how long until things go back to normal. In this situation I think its natural for masons to maybe not focus as much on external help.

    As for monetary help the money that can be used to help people is mostly tied up in diffrent funds and the rules for how it can be used are set in stone.

    As for helping in homes, Im guessing you mean retirement homes? There has been rules against visitation since april here.

    As for giving up time, those who had time or possibility to do it will do it but to put pressure on people to do things in a situation like this is more complex then that.

    Bottom line: we live in a stressful time and for GLs/lodges/other masons to start pointing finger is an absurd notion.
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  4. jermy Bell

    jermy Bell Registered User

    The lodge I was raised in and my lodge I'm in now, have and will continue to help fund our local food banks during this time of need. We have discussed that even when this is over, the need will remain, and we can and will help our less fortunate as much as we can.
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  5. Forthright

    Forthright Registered User

    My lodge is trying with some success, but mixed. We have a blood program locally which in the past few months has EXPLODED. People want to come in to help others, and the Red Cross is collecting a lot and needs more Masons volunteering to help collect, so we've been doing a bit more of that.

    A thing that has been substantially complicating any response at all is the deep set of divisions that exist local to me about opinions over the pandemic. Lodges exist that are disobeying GL guidance on degree work and conducting degrees as usual, and frankly some brothers think that all of the precautions are silly. This is not a universal opinion, but there are equally vociferous opinions on the other side (mirroring society more broadly). But lodges who feel that the present caution in society is uncalled for are not motivated in the same way as lodges who are so concerned about the pandemic that most of their members avoid meeting for an open-air in person social.

    Brethren are coming up with good ideas on the margins though, in terms of charity events & "alternative social opportunities" including for new prospects. It just feels (to me personally) as though things are quite split & divided, and different groups of brothers are coming out to events than before. There's a dangerous wedge out there.
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  6. Brother RG

    Brother RG Registered User

    There are brothers that would love to participate in any type of event that helps during this pandemic but I think we also have to be careful on where we meet. Remember we are interacting with the community and although Covid might not affect us but it can affect one of our family members if we bring back any symptoms of it on our clothes or the like. It just doesn't affect one person it can cause an uncomfortable feeling at home as well so it can be tough for brothers to really want to interact with the community.
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  7. Brother JC

    Brother JC Moderating Staff Staff Member

    The GM here (or his Inspectors) would be pulling charters. We don’t have “GL guidance” we have an edict that has been refreshed and republished multiple times with dire consequences attached.
  8. Pointwithinacircle3

    Pointwithinacircle3 Registered User

    That’s the problem with prevention. If it works everyone says it wasn’t necessary, if it fails everyone says it wasn’t enough.
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  9. JamestheJust

    JamestheJust Registered User

    >The GM here (or his Inspectors) would be pulling charters.

    We have a nearby lodge that objected to GL financial dealings and had its charter removed. These days that lodge meets while lodges with charters are still not permitted to meet.

    There must be a lesson there.
  10. Winter

    Winter Premium Member

    What's that lesson? That if you become clandestine you don't have to follow any rules?
  11. jermy Bell

    jermy Bell Registered User

    And I thought Texas was out there. But there have been a couple of lodges here that have not gone by the guide lines set by G.L. it's a mess and our area district deputies just make things worse by not enforcing anything.

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