What Come You Here to Do?

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    “and now my brethren,
    what come you here to do?

    When you joined our mystic circle,
    had you a purpose in your heart
    to be of service to your fellow man,
    and perform your allotted part?

    Or come you out of curiosity
    or motives personal in view?

    Tell me, brother of the square,
    what come you here to do?

    Have you failed to grasp the meaning
    of the symbols of our craft?

    Have you learned to subdue your passions
    and make improvements in your art?

    Do you always, always uphold the trusts
    on which we firmly stand,
    teaching the fatherhood of man?

    Have you been willing to aid the brother
    when life’s surges were fierce and wild?

    Have you offered cheer and comfort
    to the mason’s widow, wife and child?

    If you have done so, my brother,
    you are a mason good and true,
    and can give a correct answer

    what come you here to do?â€
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    Very Good Bro. Blake

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