What do YOU want from your Lodge?

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  1. Blake Bowden

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    We've discussed various ideas about attracting new members, but lets look at it from a different perspective. What do YOU want from your Lodge? Are there any activities or events you would like to see implemented? What would make going to Lodge more rewarding?
  2. fairbanks1363pm

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    what i want is a place to go and get away from the rest of the world. i want to be around good men with similar ideas that i have about their community, family, and friends. with that said i feel my lodge provides that and much more. i am very proud of it and the strides that we have taken over the last ten years that i have been a mason. we still have financial struggles but are beginning to grow.
    if i could ask for one thing from my lodge or change it would be to become more poficient in all degrees. i would love for us to do a masters and not have to rely on brothers coming in to help.
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  3. rhitland

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    I expect from Lodge an openness to all people and ideals. The rest will take care of itself.
  4. HKTidwell

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    I've pitched around doing a game night. This is more from the aspect of bonding and creating even stronger bonds. Yeah we all do things but not as a huge group. I think if you created a game night once a month or once a quarter you could increase bonds that may not have been fully developed by newer members. I have yet to meet probably 30% of our members part of this is due to illness, travels, work etc.. But I think a game night could also be used to reinvigorate people who have lost the luster for the basic tenants of Freemasonry.

    Personally I enjoy the brotherhood that is shared during Stated Meetings, practices, and meeting up with brothers outside of the lodge. But if somebody comes in and doesn't make those practices or stated meetings then they may not build the bonds needed to help make them better men just my opinion.

    The reason I see the fellowship as a necessary part of the bonds is in a setting like I describe the old Guard would probably freely talk and the younger guys would get a lot of knowledge they may not have otherwise received.
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  5. scottmh59

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    that sounds good
  6. ljlinson1206

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    I don't think this could have been better said Brother.

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