What Freemasonry is to me.

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    Some of my friends have asked me, just what is Masonry?
    I usually come up with an inadequate answer along the lines: “That it is a brotherhood that takes a good man and makes him better…”
    It is so much more than that.
    It is a Global Fraternity that unites people of all races, creeds, religions, and socio-economic backgrounds. It teaches us through Symbolism and Allegory; Morality, Charity, Strength of Character, and Love of God.
    It encourages education, kindness, faithfulness, forgiveness, and wisdom, to name a few.
    Masonry teaches us to read and honor our Holy Scriptures, be knowledgeable in current events, to continually educate ourselves, to learn from our mistakes so we can be a better person and so we will be able to help our fellow man when he fails. It teaches us to come out of darkness into light. Darkness of ignorance, into the Light of knowledge and reason.
    It teaches us to be honest, especially with ourselves, to be trustworthy, loyal, fair, kind, and just. It teaches tolerance of others, and others’ faith. It teaches us to be faithful to a just government, to be charitable with others, not only to those who are less fortunate than us, but to everyone.
    Freemasonry symbolizes what man can become when united under a common goal. It is a goal of brotherly love and affection, of freedom, of reliance to and worship of the Creator.
    These musings haven’t come close to describing what Masonry truly is, it has merely scratched the surface. I encourage all who are curious, to investigate further, and seek out a more thorough meaning of what it is and what it can be.
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    Well Said Brother Soffer.

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