What is Freemasonry?

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    I have often been asked,
    my brethren,
    What masonry really must be,
    And many long hours I've pondered,
    The meaning it has for me.

    In the home,
    my friend,
    it is kindness To children,
    to parents,
    to wife,
    The giving of love,
    like the Father Making heaven right here in this life.

    In business,
    my friend,
    it is fairness,
    The Value for dollar and cent,
    As you thus will ask,
    when done earthly task,
    Of your God; one hundred percent.

    In society,
    my friend,
    it' s politeness,
    Just showing to all the great mind,
    Whether money' d or rich,
    or lowly in niche,
    We are all of one God,

    At work,
    my friend,
    it is equity,
    Not only in doing your work,
    With zeal and with zest,
    doing your best,
    And never a moment to shirk.

    To the unfortunate,
    my friend,
    it's pity,
    They may have lost all,
    pray God send Them comfort,
    a stronger belief,
    And we must be to them,
    a friend.

    To the wicked,
    my friend,
    it' s resistance,

    Keeping your soul pure and sweet,
    Being true to your God on this earthly sod,
    Attending at His Mercy‑seat.

    To the weak,
    my friend,
    it' s just helping Another along life's rough road,
    Attend them with care,
    God's mercy share,
    And bearing the most of the load.

    To the strong,
    my friend,
    it is trusting,
    Trust where you cannot trace,
    On God's strength rely,
    and all else defy,
    His strength will be to you,

    To the penitent,
    my friend,
    it' s forgiveness,
    As the Father in heaven will give,
    And in that lone hour when darkness shall lower,
    may ask God to forgive.

    To one' s self,
    my friend,
    it' s integrity,
    Being faithful to the purpose of life,
    To act on the square,
    be upright and fair And true to your God,
    through all strife.

    To your God,
    my friend,
    ii s reverence,
    When our voice or our thoughts we raise,
    Never speak His name,
    in blame or in shame,
    Just glorify Him,
    and praise.

    You have often asked me,
    my brother,
    What masonry means to me. This,
    my reply,
    on God rely,
    His Grace is sufficient for thee.

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