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    When I was in the third grade, my leg was badly burned on a camping trip with my dad, brother, and grandpa. My leg became infected and doctors were afraid they would have to amputate it. I was taken to the
    Shriner's burn hospital in Galveston. While there, I was visited by Shriner's and their wifes, clowns, magicians, you name it. It was amazing a thow much they did to make my stay there as positive as possible. It was a scary place and I never forgot their kindness and generosity.
    Years later, my grandfather passed away. As a sophmore in college, I gave the euology at the funeral. He was given a masonic funeral service which was inspriing to say the least. After the service, each Mason approached me and told me what a great job I did. It left a big impression on me. Later that semester, a professor at the college approached me and asked me if I had ever considered becoming a Mason. I explained that I was not 21 yet and he suggested that I look into it.
    The week that I turned 21 I went to the lodge and asked for a petition. It was one of the best decisions that I have ever made.
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    What a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing it.
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    Excellent story thank you for sharing!
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    That is excellent, Gipper.

    Like you, I was young when the Masons first made a big impression on me. One of my school buddies was in need of serious orthopedic care, but his family was just about dirt poor.

    My dad and his Mason friends got that boy into the Scottish Rite hospital in Dallas and made sure he was cared for for years after that. It was a cool lesson to learn at an early age.
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    Thank you for sharing this great story.

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