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What to do when event turns anti-masonic


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I guess I'm lucky to haven't run into that. Just about everyone I've met asked me if I was a Mason, because I wear my ring everywhere. They are the ones that tell me all the good things they know that masons and Shriners have done.

Plus they usually know a brother and speak good things of him.

But even before I became a mason, my thought was that everyone has an opinion but I don't have to be in that environment. So I detach myself from it and move on.

That speaker should be telling the gospel and not his/her opinion.

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If I am in (my) church, I stand, make eye contact with the speaker, turn and leave, for good. Anyone who is so ignorant and fearful as to denounce something they clearly do not understand is not qualified to be my "spiritual leader".


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Had this exact scenario happen at my wife's church about a year ago.

I happened to go that day to support my wife, and the man preaching (not the regular pastor) decided to take a 10 minute anti-Masonic, anti-Scottish Rite rant. Of course, all his babbling was from complete misinformation he'd read on the internet. I was the only Mason in the room, and everyone knew it. I did nothing except smile at his ignorance and keep calm. Immediately people came to me after it was over and began apologizing and asking me what I thought. I gave a simple statement. "Judge me by my actions, and those of my brethren, if you want to see the truth."

That man was never invited back to preach, though he'd been there many times before. I don't know if my tolerance that day caused the termination of his ability to preach there, but I'm sure it didn't hurt. :)

Michael Hatley

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My first inclination in almost every instance where someone is having a go - banking on the assumption that noone will say anything to the contrary or stand up to them is to confront them. It is so difficult to let things go, because truth be told I enjoy confrontation, in that moment. It just is what it is.

But it isn't a strength. It might have been as a kid, teenager, or even in the service. But among men, strength is mastering yourself. It is something I work really hard, and don't always succeed at.

I almost always regret allowing myself the privilege of cutting loose, no matter the topic. Pretty well immediately too.

The EA charge is full of wisdom.


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I would like to know what you personally recommend a person in each degree EA, FC and MM do in a situation like this:

You are at some church or any other function and somewhere in the speech / sermon the speaker / preacher starts to talk about the "evils" of freemasonry. Some of your friends at the event know you are a mason - what do you do?

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Not sure about where you are from but here in Texas the EA charge goes over that and we are to remain quite and cordial, as masons we are taught and we try to put our zeal to more positive uses.

Michael Hatley

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I have the exact same tendency. If someone really wants to go a couple of rounds with me, then so be it. That especially applies when someone is showing a profound ignorance when they present an argument. But I work really hard to circumscribe my mouth, mostly because my words can create fallout with others. Maybe we should work together in the days to come to overcome those tendencies. Either that or just join forces......:w00t:


Oh I think both, my Brother.

I think you do really, really well - you come off as most patient and dignified in my opinion.

But a man with as many skydives as you have under your belt? Haha, I'll just say I've been enough to know what it means about you :)

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