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    I am curious for some feedback. This kind thing has never happened to me or any Mason I know personally but as you can imagine I was left speechless. I live in Texas but am from Kentucky. I'd only been here for a short time when my house burned down. Total loss. As I stood in disbelief I watched my wife and children as they watched the firemen going in and out of our burning house. Interestingly my first thought was that since I was so unfamiliar with the area that maybe those nice guys I met at my local lodge could help. I'm a disabled vet and with ptsd I have issues leaving the house so I'd only been to this lodge once. I used to be very active back home before things well changed and I knew I wouldn't be able to be active here, but I wanted to join a lodge in my new home if only to contribute in some small way to the brethren in my new home. So of course standing there I thought BINGO the brothers at this lodge collectively know this area like the back of there hand. So I grabbed my phone and in the wee early morning light began the process of rebuilding and finding a place for my family to go. Now it turned out there website didn't have any numbers so I called the GL and explained. I asked if they could call someone from that lodge and have them call me. They did. This person from my local lodge asked if I was member, etc. So I explained as above in brief and said thought they might be able to help me knowing the area and all. Now get ready.

    This is where the person told me. ..this brother. ...that there was no way he could ask the craft without calling each member and the regular meeting was too far away. He told me to call the goodwill that there was nothing he could do to help me. For the 2nd time that night I was left speechless. Turned away by a lodge, a brother, masonry. it was too much that night. I moved on. Later I mentioned it to a brother from back in Kentucky who was quite experienced in the business of masonry from the local to the state level. Needless to say he was also stunned but I had too much to do so I drove on. Later he would ask me if anyone from the GL of my new home had called me and I said no. Apparently he had made a few calls of his own and was told someone would be calling me. To what end I don't know but no one had.

    So I ask. .... what would you do?
  2. Bro. Brad Marrs

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    Brother, I'm so sorry for your losses. Reading your story left me feeling speechless. I think that type of neglect is a Masonic offense.

    I would reach out to the Worshipful Master and Past Masters to see if they even knew what had transpired. Since the GLoTX found the person, there's no telling how they picked who called you--probably the secretary. But hopefully it was just a noob who didn't have a clue.

    Good luck brother!
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    I was hoping that the case but you'd think someone would've contacted me by now. Old news I suppose and I don't want to say anything because I'd still like to join. I'm really stuck at the moment and don't know how to proceed. Thoughts / ideas?

    PS Semper Fi!
  4. JohnnyFlotsam

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    I am... stunned. I just don't have the words for how sad I am, Brother - for your loss and for the inexcusable treatment you've received. I simply can't understand how it is that Brother Masons, including those whose reach is long and whose resources are considerable, could not be bothered to come to your aid. Yes, for some of us, our cable tow may be short, leaving little to offer, but none of us is so pressed that we could not get on the phone and find enough Brethren to take care of your immediate needs, immediately.

    FWIW, Brother, let me offer this - I sincerely believe that this is out of character for Texas Masons. I know only a handful, but I believe that most would move heaven and earth for a Brother in your situation. Likewise, I believe that this is true of most of our Brethren throughout the world. I've seen it in practice a time or two, in situations not unlike yours. So take care of yourself and your family as best you can, and reach out again when you have the strength. There is a lesson in this for at least two Texas Masons. As powerless and afraid as you may feel right now, I have a feeling that giving more worthy Brethren an opportunity to make up for the failings of those two might be a powerfully healing experience, for everyone involved.
  5. Kymason

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    Bro johnny,
    I am very glad you responded. I was beginning to think there was only 1 Mason who was even caught by what happened to me enough to take a moment to express their feelings on the matter. It restores my faith a bit.

    My only concerns now are getting to at least join the ranks of Texas Mason given that some can carry matters of pride for very long times. On this I'm sure all of us has experienced in one way or another. Wish me luck :-]
  6. cemab4y

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    I am a Kentucky Mason, I reside in Virginia, and I work in Afghanistan. (I am back home for a couple of weeks). If there is anything I can do, perhaps a donation, just let me know. I will never shirk from helping a brother in distress.
  7. Kymason

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    Thank you very much but I'm okay at the moment. Sadly where I am lacking most is in my Masonic security so to speak. I really would like to belong to a local lodge in addition to my home lodge but I fear I've somehow made myself unwelcome you know. Once I figure that out things will be closer to normal for me.
  8. Beathard

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    Unbelieveable! Shame, shame, Shame... Hopefully it was the reaction of one individual, and he was not the brightest tool in the masonic shed!
  9. Casey

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    Sorry for your loss brother. I think most of us here try to help everyone when we have the ability and they are in need; but more especially a brother. If all you were asking for is knowledge and information about the area I don't see why they would turn you away. We are spread out all over the state but perhaps we could shed some light on the information your looking for? Again sorry for your hardship.

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