what's the ultimate goal here?

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    I've been watching this technology for years, and read everything from consumer reports like the latest one here:


    to the most scientific, peer-reviewed journal on neurology...

    long story short here is this: what's the goal?

    do we really want to get to the point where we have a computer read our mind and execute the command? Wall-E comes to mind here... hopefully he doesn't magically appear.

    That leads to other questions: Is that the next step? To progress as a species, is that what we have to go through to overcome our natural limitations?

    Perhaps we could live our lives in front of a screen, or even perhaps the screen will be injected into our heads, and we won't ever have to move. Where does this technology lead and do we want to go there?

    Perhaps I don't, but perhaps the person in 500 years that wants to explore other stars has to....

    Either way, a cool technology that is finally coming to release. I don't imagine I'll be getting one, but it'd be neat to spend some time with it.

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