When my father joined the Masons

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    When my father joined the Masons
    Author & Real Title Unknown

    When my Pa joined the Masons,
    Ma got as mad as sin,
    She wished that he'd be blackballed,
    And never could get in.

    This staying out to meetings
    Till twelve o'clock or so,
    Was really perfect nonsense --
    She wished he would not go.

    Then when Pa got elected
    To what he called the chair,
    And spent a little money
    She was crosser than a bear.

    And so things kept on going,
    Pa hadn't much to say,
    But smiled behind his paper
    When she took on that way.

    Now things have changed;
    They got her to join the Eastern Star;
    She's never home at midnight,
    Spends more than Pa, by far.

    We eat cold victuals, Pa and I,
    About five days each week,
    She's at committee meeting --
    But Pa is kind of meek.

    She'll soon be Worthy Matron,
    Pa's found a boarding house;
    But 'till she's elected
    He's as still as any mouse.

    He says he'd fix things
    So she need have no care;
    I don't know how she'll like it,
    But then that's Pa's affair.

    He says that when I'm older
    I'll understand the game;
    It's hard to be a Mason,
    But I'll be one just the same.

    There must be something in it,
    They're having lots of fun,
    I guess I'll have to wait though,
    'Till I am twenty-one.

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