White House Petition Concerning Bogus Freemasonry

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  1. Grand Lodges of Freemasons began in 1717, in London, England. All Grand Lodges in the world must have a direct lineage to this Grand Lodge to be Masonically legal. This process in proving legitimate origins has been upheld in the case of Supreme Grand Lodge Modern Free Accepted Masons of the World vs. Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Georgia Docket no. 14374, United States Court of Appeals Fifth Circuit. Other courts have established this precedent as well. There are only 94 legal Grand Lodges in the United States, the Prince Hall Grand Lodges, and the State Grand Lodges, all having legitimate origins from the Grand Lodge of England, but more than 450 fraudulent Grand Lodges exist, unregulated, committing extreme hazing and fraud on unsuspecting men. Stop the fraud. Sign the White House petition by clicking here. 100,000 signatures are needed by August 4th.

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    Newsbot is posting with white text, which is on a light gray background. Can this be fixed?
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    how will this stop the fraud it is for us to police not the Gov.
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    Ya this was posted on Reddit last night also...

    I'll say the same thing I said there...this isn't a federal matter, there's no need or point in involving them.

    I wonder about the person that submitting that petition anyhow, you'd think their GL might have something to say about taking a GL issue over their head.
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    I believe that this is an epidemic that is outside of the scope of a GLs power. There are states that have legislation that prevents the "impersonation" of a Freemason. What is it that the GL could do to a clandestine mason that would be binding?

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    The problem with adding "legal" protections is that they come with legal oversight. Do you really want to give the government the authority to tell you whether or not you are a Mason?
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