Why am I a Freemason?

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    Why am I a Freemason?
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    I like what Freemasonry does both to me and for me.
    • It encourages me to ask. It taunts me with things I WANT to ask about. Put things before me that have connections that I may not see at first but KNOW are there is I merely take the time to think about it. I get so much more connected with life as a result.
    • It invites me to seek. It leaves it up to me to take on this task, which fosters within me the responsibility that I should be taking on in the first place. I have Traveled far further as a result and sought things that I might not have if left to my own devices and unprompted behavior.
    • It implores me to knock. It asks me to not accept that the door before me is locked and inaccessible. I've learned to both open doors and to detect doors that others look for but cannot recognize. Things that I thought were beyond me are now part of me and used by me to be better than I thought possible. I have access to a life richness of which others can only dream, and enjoy that access more and more each day.
    I am a Freemason because, that which was given to me cannot be held in the check byself-service. It must be shared with others who are worthy and wanting, especially if I want to keep it for myself. For that to occur, I must be that for which I came. No other "being" can do this other than a Freemason.

    It's what we do.

    Bro. Coach N
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    richard thanks for the link.... was some good reading... i am not a mason ( YET ) but have been looking into it for a little while. and found a lodge close to me.. i will be going this week to go do a meet and great...thanks again

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