Why Brotherly Love Relief and Truth in Freemasonry?

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  1. Freemasonry is grounded in three specific virtues which are at the core of Masonic teachings. Are these virtues really at the core of the Masonic connection to faith, religion and the divine?

    These three virtues are the foundations upon which Freemasonry is built.

    Brotherly Love as directed towards all mankind and especially to other Masons. Relief, in that every Mason is obligated to relieve the suffering of any Master Mason they encounter who is in dire need, and if in their power to do so, to the best of their ability, Also to act charitably towards society, giving of themselves to better the common good. And Truth, which is represented by the Divine in its multiplicity and diversity, as understood by all men.

    These three ideas represent the core upon which Freemasonry focuses in its ultimate distillation, in that Freemasonry does not hold one faith above another, rather seeing faith itself as the common denominator between all of faiths.

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    So the brethren are responsible for Brotherly Love and for Relief but the Divine is responsible for Truth?

    As I understand it, prior to 1717 a lot of the brethren were in serious search of Truth including through material and spiritual sciences - in total the fabled Masonic Science.
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