why do they hate us?

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    Over the years I have met many people who are convinced Masonry is an evil, satanic organization. When asked, they often reveal the source of their (mis)information was their preacher. Until recently I had no idea where these notions originated and came from. But, now I have a better understanding. As a member of a Lodge in Missouri, I receive a magazine title 'Missouri Freemason'. (what else? ;) )
    This months issue has an excellent, albiet depressing, article about this subject. During WWII Hitler's Nazi's had a propoganda film made called Forces Occultes. To keep this post short, I'll only say it presents a very dark, satanic image of Masonry. Unfortunately, it also played upon the fact that Masonry in France is, to this day, a very mixed bag of 'sorta' masonic organizations. I did not know that previously. I wish I could post the entire article here. Perhaps some internet searching will bring it up.
    As I said, fascinating and depressing.
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    The issues up through Fall 2014 are available here: http://www.momason.org/mo-freemason-magazine
    I'm guessing that we will have to wait a while before they put up the issue to which you are referring.

    While I am not a historian, I believe that Hitler is just one of the sources of this disinformation.
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    Because they ain't us?

    I would say that general misinformation and the spreading of lies by those that they trust and believe. Many people don't spend the time to verify things that are told to them. I like what Reagan said "Trust, but verify." Sheep have the habit of skipping the latter part of that.
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    I have studied anti-Masonry for many years. I have attended two anti-masonic conventions (St. Louis and Atlanta).

    See this link, It is an anti-Masonic film made by the Nazis "Occult Forces". It is in French with English subtitles.
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    I met a man there, who said that the Shriners set up the hospitals, so that they could sexually abuse children there. I have been called a satanist. I have been told that all masons will be sent straight to hell. etc.
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    We will never please them all however it is up to us, as members of the Craft to forge a strong, reputable image of Masonry so that our actions far outweigh their assumptions. Regardless of how deeply rooted ones lodge is in the surrounding community there will always be those who fear the un-known. Focus on those we can positively impact. Anti-Masons do have quiet the imagination though.

    Thanks for sharing. And just a side note Living Stones magazine (Feb 2015) featured an interesting article on the Conspiracy Theories as well.
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    Yes, I did some Googling and much information on this came up. The film is available on Youtube also.
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    God bless the antis for the examples they present as contrast. The conspiracy theory nut or fascist fool down the block, pray for the anti's mental healing. The eminent old guy down the block that everyone calls Grandpa, pray with the brother for continued health.
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    There are a lot of conspiracy theory crack pots out there with some really looney beliefs. There is absolutely NOTHING that we can do or say to convince them otherwise. As a matter of fact, I look these up on the internet so that I can read them for entertainment and laughs.
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