Why I am a Mason

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    Why I am a Mason

    by J. Hulin

    Why are you a Mason?
    The man asked me.
    Why is that something
    that you desire to be?

    Well I stood up straight
    and looked him in the eye.
    You want to know about what I am,
    mister I'll tell you why.

    Mason's are builders of men.
    From good to better.
    Brothers who know their work
    and history to the letter.

    We attend our lodge
    to build a band
    of friendship, brotherhood, and unity
    to spread throughout this great land.

    We go about our lives
    with our working tools in hand.
    Our honor goes before us.
    By our obiligations we stand.

    We give great thanks
    for our lessons we learn.
    To pursue knowledge in our
    days ahead, is what we all yearn.

    We are proud to be initiated,
    passed, and raised.
    So we may travel the road in the east
    the Masons before us have blazed.

    These A certificate Brothers
    whose message and lectures are clear.
    They whisper to us wise council
    and pass it from mouth to ear.

    Though the world may think us strange,
    that we are shrouded in mystery.
    To our traditions we hold true
    for we are rooted in our history.

    We say what we mean.
    And mean what we say.
    From the path of right conduct
    and pure hearts, never will we stray.

    We pursue our labors
    during the course of the day.
    And in our beds at night
    we rest where we lay.

    We meet with one another
    in our aprons white.
    Providing faith, hope, and charity
    in our pursuit of light.

    Until time catches up with us
    and no longer passes by.
    By the grace of God above
    we will attend that Grand Lodge in the Sky.

    And I say that is why I am a Mason.
    And now my words are done.
    Now a question for you sir,
    Why aren't you one?
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    Tis a good poem! Thank you for sharing.
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    Good one!

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