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    I initially became involved in Rainbow because of my family's affiliations. I stayed in Rainbow for many other reasons.

    It is probably easier to start from the beginning. My grandmother's family had been struck by the hurricane of 1900 on Galveston Island (and in-land). My grandmother's mother went into town, just prior to the hurricane, so see if the Masons could take some of her children (10 total) to the newly formed Masonic School and Home in Fort Worth. My grandmother was one of the children who went, lived, and graduated from the high school. She joined Eastern Star when she turned 18. My mother, at some point joined Eastern Star. She held the station of Worthy Matron for her chapter, with my Dad by her side as Worthy Patron.

    My Grandfather on my father's side joined Masonry because the Scottish Rite Hospital helped one of his sons (my uncle) with some needed surgery. My father and his brothers joined DeMolay. Dad later joined the Masonic Lodge. He rose to 32*. He was Worshipful Master for his lodge. He also held membership in many various masonic bodies. The ones I remember are: Knight's Templar and Scottish Rite, as well as a National Sojourner. I have found a number of his calendars in which every week held at least one or more Masonic meetings. When he passed away last year, his wish was to have his memorial service at the lodge, rather than our church. The Knight's Templar perform their ceremony. It was so touching. I still get choked up when I think of the brotherhood of Masonry which meant so much to my father. He has brothers, with whom he grew up, but he also has so many Masonic brothers whom I believe he loved (and loved him) as brothers truly do.

    That leads us to me. Of the handful of kids in my family, I am the only one (so far) who has entered Masonic organizations. Dad told me about Rainbow when I was 10, but we moved out of the country and wasn't able to join when I turned 12. My interest was sparked because a girl in one of my high school classes wore a Rainbow ring. I asked her about it, then I hurried home and told Dad that I wanted to join. Thrilled only begins to explain how he felt!

    I was initiated the year I turned 14. Through Rainbow I rose to Worthy Advisor, was honored by my Advisory Board by being nominated as a state grand appointment as well as to receive the Grand Cross of Color. I received both honors the summer I turned 18. I remained in Rainbow until I received my majority. At 18, I also joined Eastern Star.

    Recently, I have become active with my local Rainbow Assembly as an Adult Advisor. The board and I have the goal that I'll take the position of Mother Advisor within the next year.

    So. There you have it. My Masonic History.

    Why did I stay in Rainbow? First of all, my parents encouraged it and strongly supported me in all of my efforts. But that wasn't all. Through Rainbow I learned leadership skills, I learned self confidence, pride in a job well done (not expecting any in response for it), gained a bond with some wonderful young ladies, as well as learning and living the lessons of the Rainbow. AND, I had some amazing adult guidance from the Eastern Stars and Masons.

    Unapologetic plea for Masonic and Eastern Start support of Rainbow: I can't emphasize this enough. It is ESSENTIAL to the health of a Rainbow Assembly for the Masons and Eastern Star members to be involved in the activities that the Rainbow Assembly participate in. I was blessed to have such wonderfully supportive parents, but I learned so much from the other adults, also. I can only imagine what a positive impact those men and women had on the girls who didn't have such involved (or present) parents. . . . I assume the need for support is similar for the Demolay Chapters.

    Hm. This is much longer than I expected. I wonder if anyone will read this far! :14:
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    Very inspiring

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    Thank you, Brother Josh.

    To add to the story . . .

    I'm a teacher, I've taught 6th grade most of my career. About 12 years ago, one of my former students periodically dropped by to see me after he got out of Jr. High school, just to chat. One of those afternoons, one of us mentioned something about masonry/Eastern Star. He told me his parents were in Eastern Star. I asked him if he was going to join Demolay. He hadn't heard about it. I told him what little I knew. He went home, talked with his parents and soon after joined. He rose in the ranks and ended up receiving a state level office. While in Demolay, he met and fell in love with the Rainbow Sweetheart. They married about 3 years ago. At their wedding, he honored me with a toast. He said if I hadn't gotten him into Demolay, he never would have met his wife. I am happy to say they have recently welcomed their first child into their family. I'm certain she'll be a Rainbow girl one day!

    I consider this young man and his family as part of my Masonic heritage. :)
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    Interesting and touching story. Thanks for sharing.
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    Thank you Sister Karen.

    I have inducted both of my boys into DeMolay. They initiate this coming Friday. . .

    . . .following in your beautiful footsteps,

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    Amazing story. Way to give back!

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