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    I was raised by my grandmother and a man she married after my real grandfather died; he was my adopted grandpa. Masons they were. We lived in and around Atlanta. Moved several times. He was an engineer at Georgia Tech and my grandmother a "real estate chaser". She lost her tale and part of his. If she hadn't lost the deeds, my dad and I could've had a couple of million dollar houses to share: one in Atlanta's Grant Park area and another one on Juniper Street.

    They started fighting, a lot. Eventually, I was taken to Alabama to a summer camp when I was 11. Nearly a week in Big Oak Boy's Ranch in Gadsden, AL, I was told I was there til I was 18. Exit my first set of house parent's and in come another couple. They hated the Masons and everything about them and the house mom's dad was a Mason.

    When it was found out I was attempting to join De Molay, they freaked. Sent me to Iowa for christian counseling in other words "deprogramming". I would not admit something I wasn't aware was true about my grandparents or the Masons. I would not say they were all a group of perverted, blood drinking, child sacrificing devil worshippers. I was then sent to back to Georgia with my grandpa thinking I was kicked out for being into something I wasn't while they fooled him into that. We never really talked again until the week he shot himself.

    Now I am a Mason and I ask where oh where is all the negative things I was warned about. The things they said my little old grandma was into in OES, the horrible things that go on in Blue Lodge? Where is this goat? How about the prostitutes? Worshipping of the devil? Nothing. It's all the lies my guardians told me. The people that were supposed to help me find my way and what did they do. Nothing to help and everything to hinder me.
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    I am sorry that you had to go through all that. Glad everything has worked out for you!
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    That sounds like a very difficult start in life brother. Sorry for your troubles.

    One thing you will find is the goat - it is in 23.65% of the lame jokes told by Masons. Oh, and you will find devil worship - that's in 99.9% of antifreemasons web sites
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    Wow, very sorry to hear of your rough start in life Brother. Congratulations in overcoming it!
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    One thing you need to know or remember brother, that you are part of one of the greatest families on the planet, with tons of brothers around the world to give you all the support you need, for anything.
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