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wish him well


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about two weeks ago my great unckle died, he was the only other mason in the family besides me. my family lives in california im here in iowa, and they just told me last night. i am very sad because he wasnt buried with his apron,or given a masonic funeral. i have a question about all this funeral stuff, is it okay that he wasnt given a masonic send off?


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Yes, condolences. No, there's no problem with the funeral arrangements. Your uncle lived his life as a mason. He'll be remembered as a mason. Whether or not he was buried with his apron matters not. We can be assured our worthy brother is reaping his well-deserved honorable rewards in the afterlife.


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My condolences for your loss. I wouldn't worry too much about the funeral as the departed have already departed. What's important is that "YOU" know he was a good man made better by being a Mason. In the afterlife, ya'll can swap stories...