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Working on a project

Benjamin Baxter

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Ok, so I have a few masonic tattoos on my right arm. What is the best masonic or appendant body book that has symbols to continue on with a sleeve. Looking for cool ideas that will compliment as filler, etc.

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Many of us in this group, myself included, have Masonic tattoos. But my advice here, I'm not sure using Masonic symbols as "filler" for a tattoo is the way to go. If you're going to indelibly inscribe them onto your temple, wouldn't you rather that each emblem have a specific meaning or reason for being included? Since every symbol included in our ritual is placed there for a specific purpose I would do the same when choosing ones to place on your body. Just my two shekels.


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Fraternally greetings brethren all.
So I'm a Prof freehand tattoo artist for over 40yrs now worked on TV shows expos and all around the world and won 17x awards to date, I'd be seriously stoked if yall would post up your fav maso ic tattoo you've had done and tell me why it's your fav.
Rob scorpion Donaldson

Benjamin Baxter

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Here is this one. I am liking it.

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