Writing and Indicting

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    I could save this for the Lodge, and most likely will ask my lodge but heck, why not here.

    I'm kind of a philosophical guy, Though my internal thoughts may be mundane, obtuse, and shallow compared to greater thinkers, I enjoy deeper meanings and bigger pictures.

    As such, I tend to enjoy writing down my ideas, exploring concepts and patterning thoughts on paper. The EA obligation sort of has me at an impasse. If I wanted to expand on a single thought, for example, tampered mortar, when have I gone too far? Have I gone too far in this post already?

    Thoughts and guidance?
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    This is a good question. The secrets are: passwords, grips, precise details of the ritual.

    A good guide is the monitor. If it is in the monitor, you can talk about it.

    So, you can talk about the whole philosophy of Freemasonry. So write without fear.
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    you can write all about the ritual just cannot write it. so write away my brother, about that especially but make sure you share :)

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