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Yet Another Year and One More Leg


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Site Benefactor
Time does fly doesn't it? It's been many months since my last post and in that time I've been serving as the District Education Officer for Masonic District #39-A. I have continued a hectic schedule, although greatly reduced from the levels I experienced as DDGM in 2017.

In addition to co-hosting a DEO Workshop and a Briscoe Workshop, I've been at work developing what I have named my "Lodge Education Manual". It is the result of a "Needs Analysis" I began while I was a DDGM and continued through the first half of my year as DEO. The last half of this year has been dedicated to analysis, compilation, editing, and peer review. I have now posted this manual in my closed, FB education group I call "BroBill's Masonic Education Group" (very original to be sure).

The basis of the manual is seven major milestones I identified common to a masonic journey - Pre-Petition, Petition, Degrees, New Master, Member, Officer, and Past Master. Then I focused on what information is required by GLoT Law, and what information should also be delivered at (or prior to) each milestone. I also focused on how material should be communicated, how a lodge might develop a structured education plan that is tailored to their specific need(s), how to track the progress of their program, and then how and where to locate educational material. The full manual runs about 40 pages, front to back including the cover, Table of Contents, and back page, so you can figure 36 - 37 pages of content.

The second major thing I completed this year is the "BroBill's Masonic Education Group" on FaceBook. It is a closed group for Master Masons only (this allows discussions of educational material that might not be appropriate for EA's and FC's). I am using the group to provide educational material, ideas, and suggestions that runs from lodge administration (officer duties, law, procedures, etc) to masonic historical and monitorial. I stay away from esoteric instructional material because that is governed by the Committee on Work and does not, in my opinion, fall under the purview of the "education officer". If anyone is interested and is a MM on FaceBook, feel free to request to join and browse the files I've posted so far, all of which can be downloaded for your use.

So yes, another year of my journey is winding down, but hopefully I have provided something useful for my brethren during that year! I wonder what next year will hold for me - and I have to wonder because the last two years (DDGM & DEO) come along somewhat unexpectedly! I hope to see many of you at Grand Lodge next week!