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    As part of our GMs charge for 2014 he has asked that we form a Young Masons Group for gents 40 and under throughout the State. The purpose is to find fellowship with each other, discuss the challenges of Masonry today and to discuss the way ahead. We plan to do this by having fellowship dinners, nights out for the group, date nights, family friendly events and a few other twist. A lot of what we believe will happen already is happening. We are starting to see it are small changes in our lodge lodge. Keeping intact our traditions and rituals there are certainly small things that we have suggested for change that seems to of reenergized the lodge and it's participating members. We just presented the program at Masters and Wardens it the concept was well received and fully backed by the GM. Might any of you have one of these types of groups in you jurisdiction? What are they doing right an or wrong?

    Moses Paul Lodge #96
    Dover, NH
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    I WISH Texas would have a formal initiative like this. Most of our younger brethren already meet outside of lodge on our own accord, but it's all locally. We have 4 AF&AM lodges here that all inter-mingle well. I wish we could have some district-wide young Freemason meetings at the very least.
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    rfuller, you could get that started in District 93 A-B I bet.

    It's nice to see some initiative from a grand lodge and on your part to get it implemented. Good luck!
  4. rfuller

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    I was going to venture out to a lodge in 94 tomorrow night but then I remembered my lady scheduled a couples massage for tomorrow night. True story. It's coming, though.
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    My Shrine has a club for brothers 40 and under. It sounds something like "Show-bahn" club. Great idea.
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    I like the idea but an age specific group seems like it undermines certain aspects of the Lodge when it comes to voting. "I'm sorry, but your too old to give us a new look at Masonry" It may create a rift between the younger crowd and the older crowd. We are supposed to keep harmony in Lodge and dividing the lodge in twine seems to go against this. Two secret societies within a society with secrets!

    I'm 37 and would fit in the under 40 crowd. What happens when I'm 41 and I'm excluded? I grew up in a time when technology was expanding at a rapid rate. I embraced computers and accepted smart phones. The curve concerning technology is flattening so to speak so a brother in their late 30's can associate with the trials and tribulations of a 25 year old. My only complaint to the younger crowd is the price difference in the marketplace whereas I used to hear about having to walk to school in 5 feet of snow, uphill both ways with no shoes.

    A bit anecdotal but our officers is a mix of ages from 30 to 60.

    We all agree on the fact that:
    -We need to be visible in the community.
    -We need to support the lodges in our district
    -We need to visit those lodges and make use of the tool of a MM.

    Remember, the younger masons will gravitate towards each other anyway. The older masons will do same. The older masons who recognize the fire under the ass tell us that we are the future of Masonry to keep it going as they did.
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    I've seen the idea at work with no political ramifications. Age-based peer groups tend to occur in any large group of people. Having a "Young Guns" club seems to bring out members and their talents, plus child care at events, Big Brothers, more "active" activities... I don't see it as an attempt at a coup within the Lodge.
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    We have this in north Mississippi complete with by-laws and everything and it really does help the younger men stay involved, I tried to get it started a couple years ago in e.central MS but we didn't have enough to get started and that's the hard part, getting it off the ground but once you do its a good thing

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