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I am Mahmoud from Jordan , I have an masonic enquiry from Marjorie Williams content old Secretary contact lodge Jordan 1339,I talk to him he told me I must request the new Secretary contact cuz he is not Secretary now can you help me plz.
Also here in Tx any Mason can stop a EA or FC from continuing in his work to be a MM for almost any reason, So we ask our EA's and FC's to lay low on displaying anything until they have been Raised, Just a FYI and Congrats on starting your journey.
I'm not sure where your located but it is frowned upon (here in Texas and I'm sure other areas) about displaying Masonic symbols, rings, flags, ect until you've been raised as a Master Mason.
I am very proud to see my GL, The MWPHGL of MD, working on an audio, pictorial, and printed history to be published in 2022!
Hello,kindly need help finding a lodge to join the brotherhood here in Kaduna city, a legal practitioner domiciled in this city..kindly anticipate your response via my e-mail
Good day to you sir.please I kindly need help locating a lodge here around me in Kaduna city, a legal practitioner domiciled here..kindly anticipate your response via my e-mail