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Recent content by Ben Rodriguez

  1. Ben Rodriguez

    Any brothers in the manufacturing and freight business?

    I will be training to become an independent freight agent, I wouldn't mind getting to know some brothers who may be in the freight industry as well as manufacturing/warehousing. Looking to be an asset to your business.
  2. Ben Rodriguez

    Going to GL this year? Want an MoT meetup sometime?

    I've always wanted to go to Grand Lodge, sometime in December I believe?
  3. Ben Rodriguez

    Views on a Travelling Entered Apprentice

    I visited all local lodges as soon as I was eligible to visit, it was a great experience and all brothers were very welcoming and kind. Highly recommended!
  4. Ben Rodriguez

    Do I have to wait until I am a MM before I can apply what I am/have learned?

    That's a great questions, which reminds me to apply my Masonic principles to my everyday life. As hard as it may be sometimes..
  5. Ben Rodriguez

    Is there a Q and A after the 3rd degree?

    I remember learning my proficiency for each degree... I miss those days. I wish I had more time to learn and teach new Masons. Prior to a degree, I like to tell candidates to "listen well"
  6. Ben Rodriguez

    Questions regarding membership.

    So what is the best way to assure acceptance at the new lodge and what are the fees associated with the membership transfer? Thanks!
  7. Ben Rodriguez

    Questions regarding membership.

    Hello brethren, It has been a long time since I logged on here, took me at least 3 attempts to recover my password! I have a question, I would like to look into dropping my current membership at my mother lodge and switching to a lodge closer to my current place of residence, what is the...
  8. Ben Rodriguez

    Visiting Dallas/Plano Area

    Texas lodges are very casual when it comes to attire, I usually dress business casual, jeans and a nice shirt will suffice!
  9. Ben Rodriguez

    one step closer

    Congratulations, it only gets better from here on!
  10. Ben Rodriguez

    Ring question

    This is the only version I have seen:
  11. Ben Rodriguez

    2nd degree

    Good luck! Remember one thing: LISTEN, LISTEN WELL...
  12. Ben Rodriguez

    Back From Afghanistan!

    Thank you for your service, welcome home!
  13. Ben Rodriguez

    Ring question

    I have seen that ring with the Latin saying, it's a beautiful verse and it has a powerful meaning. Congratulations and good luck with the goat brother!
  14. Ben Rodriguez

    What office for 2001-12?

    I served as Tiler for the Masonic year 2010- 2011 I don't see myself involved in any officer positions for a while, I've got too much going on!
  15. Ben Rodriguez

    Outdoor MM degree 10-15-11

    Outdoor degrees are so much fun, I highly recommend attending one, if you haven't yet!