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Bro. Stewart P.M.

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  • Thank you for welcoming me in. I am currently on a job assignment here in Alabama, but will soon be returning to my home state of Texas. It has been ayear since I have been home (for 6 days) so I am eager to return. I was raised last year here in Alabama and have also becom a member of the Scottish Rite here as well. Thanks again for the welcome.
    Jack Mitchell
    Thank You Stewart,
    I can say you are the first to contact me in this forum.It will be a great pleasure for me to know more about Freemason and become one of that brotherhood.
    I'm following their teachings through what they put available to the public.But I feel that there is much more profound than that.
    Thank you to accept me as your pal on this forum.

    Yours Hopefully Brother

    Thank you very much. I'm just transplanted to Texas from Seattle because I'm in the Navy and everyone her has been great. I'm recently demitted to Army Lodge 1105 in San Antonio and am taking on the daunting task of getting the Lodge's virtual presence up from the current look of circa 1985. Any suggestions? Brian
    i'm blessed brother, if you are not busy this weekend, Alpha & Omega Lodge #647 of the MWPHGLoTX is having a friends and family picnic this saturday April 23 @ S J Stovall Park 2800 West Sublett Road, Arlington, TX 76001 from 4pm-10pm. Come and fellowship if you can.
    Bro. Steward,
    I want to thank you for sharing the information about Traditional Observance Lodges. Being as new to Masonry as I am, I'm still stumbling around trying to find what I've been looking for. I think you've helped me move in the right direction. So sincere thanks again.
    ~Michael Prejean
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