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  1. crono782

    Any Linuxers out there?

    I'm currently a Linux engineer/admin for the daily grind, mostly RHEL. I use CentOS and Deb in my home lab. Use Arch and CoreOS on the regular too. Back in the day I was working with SLES, AIX, and Gentoo. Ubuntu is fun to dink around with.
  2. crono782

    Malware preventing access to this site

    I've had the issue several times. I think one of the DNS servers may be compromised. It's probably a round robin of several, so that's why it's intermittent.
  3. crono782

    Windows 10

    It's just the next version after windows 8. They're offering a free upgrade and that's where that message came from.
  4. crono782

    Allied Masonic Degrees

    Was obligated today into Grand Arcanum Council. Can't wait until AMD Day to see more!
  5. crono782

    Where to start?

    If you're up for a challenge, give "The Secret Teachings of All Ages" by Manly P. Hall a read. Not strictly Masonic, but I found that it sufficiently schooled me on various esoteric, philosophical, and mystery schools which has greatly aided me in my Masonic studies. The size of the volume can...
  6. crono782

    My Introduction

    Welcome Brother!
  7. crono782

    Favorite Degree?

    I agree. The royal master is one of my favorite esp if the long form soliloquy is given.
  8. crono782

    York Rite or Scottish Rite

    I certainly wouldn't call the Scottish rite a "party rite" by any stretch. I'm in both, but they both offer something different. The York Rite has a distinctly Blue Lodge feel to it up until the Knights Templar. The Scottish always feels more academic and esoteric centered to me. There are...
  9. crono782

    What a night

    In that balloting situation, we use the box for the chapter and just show hands for council.
  10. crono782

    What a night

    Had quite the full agenda last night at Chapter/Council. Both DDGHP and DDGM official visits, two 50 year award presentations, 4 committee-on-work certificate presentations, a YR College award presentation, graded opening/closing in both Chapter and Council, and balloting on new members. As HP...
  11. crono782

    Phoenix lodge

    I've seen it both ways. The G is the norm in the USA, but it is often found without it in Europe. It may just be a stylistic choice.
  12. crono782

    The Sublime Degree

    Excellent. Congrats! Even though being raised is awesome, it's a whole different experience viewing a Masters degree.
  13. crono782

    Long Form v. Short Form Exams

    In regards to the TX lectures, I've begun referring to them as "lecture" vs "full form lecture". I feel like calling the regular lectures "short" does them an injustice, something I did not fully appreciate until testing for my A Esoteric Certificate. Plus, I've also found that by giving the...
  14. crono782

    Long Form v. Short Form Exams

    We only have one form for proficiencies here so I guess you'd call it long form..
  15. crono782

    How many offices ?????

    I divide it out and use my morning commute (every morning) to practice. Depending on officials visits, etc I focus on a specific area. For instance, I have both ddghp and ddgm visits for c&c on the same night next month (graded on opening & closing for each) so I've devoted all January for c&c...