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Glen Cook
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  • WBro. Glen, enjoyed your program on Utah presents. Not two days later I received my invitation to AMD Council No. 403. S&F Matt.
    Fraternal greetings from Battle Creek No. 12 in Battle Creek, MI! Glad to see some of the brothers from Facebook are also active here ;)
    Hi Brother Cook I’m in Australia Brisbane. I’m a member of the LDS church. I just put my application for joining the masons for Queenland Freemasons Australia. I don’t have anyone to nominate me in, but they have received my application.
    If I may ask, what degree do you have within the Scottish Rectified Rite? You said that you had the ring of the Sixth degree, and what I'm interested in is if and how the 7th and 8th are given in different jurisdictions.
    Brother Cook, I'm happy to say that I was found proficient in my EA catechism last night and immediately went into my fellow craft degree. My masters degree is tentatively scheduled for February 15th assuming I'm proficient in my FC catechism!
    Good morning. My EA degree will be taking place at Phoenix Lodge 38 in Natchitoches, Louisiana.
    Thanks for the reply. I did some digging on the internet and it seems to be an invitational body only. It has an interesting history though.
    Brother Glen, I am curious. Is the Rectified Scottish Rite different from the plain ol' Scottish Rite? I have considered joining the local SR Valley but I do not need another time commitment that does not offer any/much reward. Can you tell me why you feel the Rectified Rite "actually does do the serious Work of Freemasonry"? Thank You, Brad
    Glen Cook
    Glen Cook
    AASR is not the Rectified Rite. It is the oldest extant haute grade Freemasonry. No charity.
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