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  1. Griffin

    Thanks to Fort Worth #148!

    Sincere thanks to the brethren at 148 for their warm welcome of the friend I brought by last night for dinner and to pick up a petition. Y'all were friendly and the meal was fantastic! I suspect you will be seeing more of both of us. :)
  2. Griffin

    Lucifer and Satan

    Good work, Bro. Blake! Wikipedia actually has a very good article on "Lucifer," including several citations showing how the term has been used for Christ both Biblically (2 Peter 1:19) and in Catholic chant.
  3. Griffin

    Reading material for a potential future Chaplain

    Brother Michael, I know it's been a while since you posted this, but I'd recommend Tending the Holy: Spiritual Direction Across Traditions.
  4. Griffin

    Wiccan Masons

    I agree with the brother(s) who said all that is necessary is that a candidate answer in the affirmative for a belief in a Supreme Being. I don't have to understand, let alone share, whatever that belief may be.
  5. Griffin

    Valley of Guthrie;Orient of Oklahoma

    Agreed! It was a fine reunion. I'm happy to say that I am a member of the Guthrie Valley, and in addition to the brothers from Austin there were a few more of us there from Texas. Anyone who hasn't made the trip up to Guthrie for a reunion should do so. The temple there is stunning in both...
  6. Griffin

    Meaningful Symbol???

    What a wonderful and impossibly difficult question to answer!!! Right at this moment, I would have to say it is the word "Light." Mackey's Encyclopedia is certainly not the best reference for factual information about Masonic history, but it is a very good resource when exploring what used...
  7. Griffin

    Why Is There An Altar in the Lodge Room?

    Thanks, Blake! I enjoyed that. It's too bad that we don't actually find a pot of incense burning on most Masonic altars, or at least somewhere in the lodgeroom. The fragrance of high quality ceremonial incense definitely creates a more reverent atmosphere for me.
  8. Griffin

    Examining a Brother

    The last 2 lodges I visited, Mill Valley in California and Arlington Heights here in Fort Worth, both required a dues card and DL, and both asked for the Tiler's Oath, which I gave. Nobody asked for signs, grips or words, though at Arlington Heights I was asked if I knew them. Of all those...
  9. Griffin

    The Alchemical Mystery of the Rose Croix

    Ah! I should have known! No, I haven't gotten that far yet. :blush: When I do, I guess I'll have to come up with something else. :001_rolleyes:
  10. Griffin

    Contemplative Masonry

    Brothers, This is the only site I know about that actually offers a practical course of inner work just for the Masonic tradition. I highly recommend it. There used to be an online group for Masons practicing this system, but it is now...
  11. Griffin

    The Alchemical Mystery of the Rose Croix

    No, I'm not a member and I don't think they are interested in such papers from outsiders, if at all. However, the editor of Ad Lucem is a good friend, and despite knowing me as well as he does :huh: he agreed to publish it there.
  12. Griffin

    Reasons for becoming a Freemason

    Brothers, I also have a rich family history of Masonry. My dad worked in all three of my degrees, and as the WM in the FC and MM. My father-in-law and my wife's maternal grandfather were in all three as well, as were many men who were dear family friends. It seems like I was aware of...
  13. Griffin

    Practice Paper

    Nicely done, Rhit!
  14. Griffin

    The Alchemical Mystery of the Rose Croix

    Just occurred to me that this might not be the right forum for this.
  15. Griffin

    The Alchemical Mystery of the Rose Croix

    Brothers, This is the preface from paper I originally had published in Ad Lucem, the annual journal of the SIRCF (of which I am not a member). Click on the attachment to see the whole document.