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  1. SC Heston

    Small Business Consulting

    Brethren, I am setting up an new venture and require the assistance of a Brother in the Austin/Round Rock/Cedar Park (Texas) area that has experience in all aspects of startup/operation of a small business. My goal is to have the basic operation in place by end of January 2015, so time is...
  2. SC Heston

    Bertram #583 - Fish Fry & Cake Auction

    Bertram Lodge #583 is holding its' Annual Cake Auction on March 29, 2014. The evening will begin 5:00pm with a Fish Fry supper complete with hushpuppies and fries. Cake Auction to begin at 6:00pm. The cakes are baked with love by the Ladies of the Lodge members. Tickets for the meal are...
  3. SC Heston


    Congratulations and enjoy the Journey.
  4. SC Heston

    Help me decide!!!!

    Wow! That is a tough three options. First, you are considering enjoying one of the classic elements Earth, Air or Water. Second, consider the financial impact of your initial investment. Skydiving will incur costs for training and certification, aircraft & fuel surcharges, and equipment, if...
  5. SC Heston

    Texas Beer

    It is really tasty. Jim has it dialed in perfectly. I've tried other "chile beer" and this is so much better.
  6. SC Heston

    Texas Beer

    None of the above!! Thirsty Goat Amber - Thirsty Planet Brewing Company, Austin, TX Fuego (Jalapeno Infused TexMex Pilsner) - TwistedX Brewing Company Cedar Park, TX
  7. SC Heston

    meeting night

  8. SC Heston


    I have to concur with the Brothers that have posted before me, with these additional comments: I personally know a Brother in my Lodge that was Initiated in Texas then received orders to move to a different Jurisdiction. He obtained Special Dispensation from the GLoTx and his new Jurisdiction...
  9. SC Heston

    wish him well

    My condolences to you and your family regarding your Uncle's passing.
  10. SC Heston

    What office for 2001-12?

    Junior Deacon - Bertram #583
  11. SC Heston

    Lodge Signs and the traveling mason

    Check with your local City Hal for the rules & regulations for the sign, but you can purchase them online. Simply search {insert your favorite search engine here} for "Road Signs".
  12. SC Heston

    How would you handle it?

    I agree with the others. Well done.
  13. SC Heston

    New Master Mason on the board

    Congratulations! Enjoy the journey.
  14. SC Heston

    For those who fish...

  15. SC Heston

    For those who fish...

    Went fishing this weekend down in Port Lavaca at the Lighthouse Pier. These little beauties were brought ashore along with a just too small Gafftopsail Catfish and far too numerous Hardhead Catfish and Pinfish to count. This is the first time I have fished saltwater and now I'm "hooked".