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1901 Proceedings of the A.A.O.N.M.S. (Prince Hall)


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This the 1901 Proceedings of the AAONMS. As can be seen, initially, PHA Shrine went under the designation of AAONMS and not AEAONMS. And we can see as this was pre-expulsion of John G. Jones, he was the Imperial Potentate.


If you know anything about clandestine Freemasonry among African Americans, then you know the name of the Imperial Recorder at that time as well...None other than John A. Bell


The Ninth Imperial Grand Council met on Aug. 2, 1901 in Buffalo, NY, here is the listing of the Imperial Grand Council in whole:


Notable names in the John G. Jones circles after 1903/4 are:

L. W. Pullies (DC)
B. H. Stillyard (Successor to John G. Jones after his death in 1914.)
John A. Bell
Edward W. Boyaken

These are the rest of the Imperial Grand Council of 1901:


Notable names are:

H. C. Scott (who was eventually expelled from the GL in DC and formed another group in DC in which many clandestine groups claim lineage to)

H. R. Butler (A Past Grand Master of Georgia PHA)

J. C. Logan (First Grand Master of the MWPHGL of WA)

F. D. Thomas (notable member of the MWPHGL of WA)

The names of the Imperial Grand Council continue:


Notable name is Gideon S. Bailey of the MWPHGL of WA. It was he and Conrad Rideout that wrote to the Grand Lodge of Washington in 1897, for recognition that culminated in the recognition of Black Masons in Washington state, and the eventual firestorm afterwards.

This is the Annual Address of the Imperial Grand Potentate, John G. Jones:



This next portion is a listing of the DECISIONS of the Imperial Grand Council:


As you can see, this was the beginning of the split, as there was some disharmony that had been coming to a head in the Shrine. The Address is continued:


John G. Jones fabricated the origin from where Fleming received the degree. Fleming and Florence made up the degree. John G. Jones embellished to cover his own narrative of where and how he received the degree. He actually BORROWED the degree from the Fleming and Florence Shrine, and instituted it among the African American masons. He continues:


There was no Grand Council of Arabia to receive an application. Jones borrowed the idea from Fleming and Florence. Jones attempted to shroud his reception of the degree is mystique, so that it would seem almost impossible for any one to challenge his claims.

I will continue the thread on the next comment...


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This is the report of the Deputy of the Oasis of VA, he reports that Magus L. Robinson and Isaac Holland were to be expelled: