A Brother Asks: Getting that Master's Word

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    How to Start


    A Brother Asks:
    Coach, if I were to investigate the Master's Word, what questions would you suggest I ask myself to start the ball rolling?

    Coach: I suggest you start with the particulars of "The Master's Word".

    Brother: The particulars?

    Coach: Yes. They're provided to everyone right there within the third degree ritual.

    Brother: They are?

    Coach: Yes, hidden in plain sight they are.

    Brother: Good. Then it should give me some very helpful clues.

    Coach: Indeed. Everything has been put there for you to figure it out.

    Brother: It has?

    Coach: Yes. But only when you have done the preparatory Work. When you have you should be able to discern quite nicely both the clues and to what they allude.

    Brother: Nice! So what should I ask first?

    Coach: The first thing you should ask yourself is "What exactly were the three Ruffians looking for from the Grand Master?

    Brother: Okay. I see it would be important to understand what they were making effort to obtain in the first place.

    Coach: Yes. So many focus upon what the king says toward the end and not how what he says applies to the details.

    Brother: I must be one of them.

    Coach: How so?

    Brother: All I glean is that they wanted the secrets.

    Coach: Yes. But what specific secret were they looking for?

    Brother: Ah! Okay. Got it. They wanted his Word.


    Coach: Yes. Once you understand that, you should ask yourself the next obvious question.

    Brother: What's that?

    Coach: Why did they want it?

    Brother: Is that answer found within ritual too?

    Coach: It sure is.

    Brother: You mean it's clearly stated therein?

    Coach: It sure is. Just ask the Senior Warden.

    Brother: Why him?

    Coach: Because he tells you those reasons every time he is asked, especially by the Worshipful Master.

    Brother: Thanks. I may have to listen to ritual more closely next time.

    Coach: You'd do well to do this.

    Brother: Wait... doesn't he let the Worshipful Master know this right in the beginning?

    Coach: He sure does.

    Brother: Okay. I know the answer.


    Coach: Good! So, let's say they get what they want. What does it allow them to do?

    Continue reading here: https://buildinghiram.blogspot.com/2018/09/a-brother-asks-getting-that-masters-word.html
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