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    Brothers what's been a successful outside of the lodge get together with fellow brothers from your lodge ? Something to do as a group. with more of a modern times theme
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  2. Bloke

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    Hi RM - such things are very common in my world. We only meet monthly, but last Sunday 3 of us went out to lunch and on on 5 May we all went away together. Lodge trips away are always good. Friday week, we (and the ladies) are all heading out for drinks at the pub.

    Without creating cliques, a trick is to organise small groups, even if you and your wife pick another brother to go out to dinner with (it has some to pass that our girls call each other and arrange a date, then invite us LOL). Small groups are nimble and can be age and interest appropriate, but don't make them closed events so anyone can come. We crossed the bay on a ferry with 2 ladies with us and one of our 90 year olds, but the main group was in the 30-40 year old age bracket.

    Another good way is just find something you want to do (movie, sports event, festival) and say you are going and throw an open invite out for others to join you.

    The trick is creating opportunities for friendships to be born and nurtured, one of our good ones for that is the annual working bee on our building - one year we had 27 turn up and the lodges here are small (30-40 members).
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    Sporting Events, Bowling, Clay Shooting, Working out, and grabbing a drink are all things that I have experienced out of lodge with fellow lodge members. These things create great chemistry with your Brothers.
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    At one of the lodges that I belong to we have a monthly lunch get together.
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    Our lodge does a family night dinner once a month outside the lodge at a restaurant in the area. There is usually a pretty solid turn out.
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    We have two dinners outside the Lodge each year, one with wives / SOs and one just for Brothers. We also have had get togethers over the Summer when the Lodge is dark, a picnic, cook out, party ans a Sporting Clays event.
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    We have an annual Night out with about 100 brothers attending. It's in early may to mark the end of our masonic year in april.
    Also, our annual gala with S/O
    There are various concerts with prominent artists as well in our grand hall
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