Are black people allowed?

Discussion in 'Becoming a Freemason' started by KO2134, Jan 21, 2013.

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    It is my opinion that in this day and age of social and racial equity that although we must and need to recognize the accomplishment of Most worshipful Bro. P.H and his determination to establish equality within masonry, it is my belief that there is no need anymore for the PHA as the Prince Hall Masons are Bro.s recognized by the UGLE. Meet on the Level /G\
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    One of the men in my lodge was a liberal Frenchman with an accent so strong some folks can't understand him (though I always tell him he has no accent haha, what can I say, I love him). And we have had a Muslim man of color twice serve as Master in the last decade.

    I have a good friend who is about to become a 2nd Lt in the Air Force who happens to be African American. I'd be overjoyed if he asked me for a petition, and I've several times told him that if he ever has any questions about Masonry to please call on me. If I could recruit I'd drag him to lodge forcibly, he's a really honorable young man I already think of as a brother.

    I think it is mostly gravity that is keeping up the "divide". When a man of color sees a crowd of mostly Anglo-Saxon types and another crowd made up of mostly men of color, the first is intimidating and the latter is where gravity takes them. I don't know how to work against that, and I have no wish to try and hurt PH membership by actively working to recruit potential PH Masons.

    But I will say that I and every man my age I know who is a Mason stand ready to be a good a trusty friend and Brother to any good man. And they don't have to feel as if they have to leave their race and heritage at the door, either. I accept them as they are completely - the entire package, gladly.
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    One of the advantages of being a California and Illinois Mason living in Texas and not yet a Texas Mason is I get to visit at recognized lodges and both of the Texas jurisdictions are recognized. So I've gone to visit lodges in both Texas jurisdictions. I'm in no hurry to affiliate at the moment partially because of what happens to my ability to visit across jurisdictions once I do affiliate.

    Meetings I've been to in both Texas jurisdictions have been integrated and that says something important about Masons and our principles. We live by our principles. The reason the two branches exist is historical. Generations ago the reason for the separation was race. Now the reason is deep cultural roots, long established traditions and valuing those roots and traditions. Other than at the Nascar track that race stuff is fading history for our elderly members, something to be remembered and not tolerated by our middle aged members, something that's never been a part of their lives by our younger members.
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    The parallel to the two paths of Freemasonry, "mainstream" and PHL might be compared to the existence of African American churches. The original division was doubtlessly because of segregation. Today, most "mainstream" denominations will welcome African American members -- but Black churches still thrive because they have their own unique traditions. This isn't racism although it is part of the legacy of the racist past. Were I the king of the Freemasons, would I merge the two strands? Yes and no. Integrating is good but assimilation? Loss of cultural identity? How can that be good? Perhaps integration of formerly PH lodges into to mainstream GL -- respecting the unique traditions of the PH lodges. This is much like our current practice of various historically "ethnic" lodges: Polish, French, German, Turkish, Jewish, Italian etc. we could do the same with PH lodges and have dispensation so they could preserve variations of liturgy and style. Full integration at the GL level and autonomy on the local level.

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