Can a Texan become a Freemason while in Afghanistan?

Discussion in 'Freemasons in the Military' started by wdavis, Feb 28, 2011.

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    Not sure if you've found a lodge yet but I am a member of King Solomon 1427 and Knob Creek 401 of Temple...a few miles up the road, both are great lodges with the best of men. Steve is also a member there...Killeen is also a great lodge, the secretary travels extensively but he will definitely work with you. The Sec at King Solomon will also bend over backwards to lend you a hand, you can email both directly from the GL website. Wait till you hear from either of them before you make any decisions...many men have joined a lodge overseas only to find that is not recognized by don't wanna go down that road...I did and was a hassle to get things straightened out.

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